Members: ja
 går ann å Trade: ja
 vekt: 9.071kg
 må gjøre ein Quest for å bruke det: Nei
 Examine: This looks pretty heavy.

priser Rediger

Market Price: 161,595gp - 178,605gp

High Alchemy: 162,000gp Low Alchemy: 108,000gp

bonuser Rediger

 Attack Bonuses
 Stab: +0
 Slash: +0
 Crush: +0
 Magic: -21
 Range: -7

 Defence Bonuses
 Stab: +68
 Slash: +66
 Crush: +63
 Magic: -4
 Range: +65
 Summoning: +20

 Other Bonuses
 Strength: +0
 Ranged Strength: +0
 Prayer: +0

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